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Hello parents and athletes, my name is Gavin Stellpflug and I am a Division 1 pitcher at Rutgers University. I am offering personal training sessions to baseball players who are looking to improve their skills or get into shape. I am available to work with kids of all ages and skill levels.

I am offering pitching, fielding, and hitting lessons for all ages. For any athletes that are more advanced, I specialize in pitching and can build a personal throwing program to increase explosiveness, velocity, and arm health to help your kid achieve his dreams.

I will be doing my in-person lessons locally in 30-minute and 1-hour blocks at a reasonable price, with flexible hours. Any remote client will be able to reach me via my personal number so that we can create a plan and adjust it accordingly.

About me: I am a 2020 Somerville High School graduate,

3 year varsity player, 2018 group 3 champion, and Junior at Rutgers University. I began coaching my senior year in 2019 at Diamond nation, working with 8-12 year olds after school on the weekdays and with 14-17 year old college bound players on the weekends. I have been to two straight regionals, the most recent one being the first home regional in University of Maryland baseball program history. This past year I transferred to Rutgers University from the University of Maryland to be close to home and to go to another regional in my home State of New Jersey.

If you are interested in a lesson please reach out to me via direct message so we can exchange information and get to work.

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